Our Story

Hope Glen Farm is a family owned and operated business, and we live on the farmstead. We have been the owners since 2001, and the farm is listed on the Historic Register. Much of our time living here has been spent saving, and lovingly restoring all of the original farm buildings.

We always felt this property was God’s gift to us for a season, and that we are merely the caretakers. We give Him all the Glory and thanks for any success that we may have, as this is His property, as we have dedicated it to Him, to use for His Glory.

Hope Glen Farm is a special place, and we are privileged and humbled to be the stewards of it.

We are now for the first time, very pleased to offer this beautiful historic farm for Corporate Events, Weddings and Receptions. We believe that your event will be most memorable, enjoyable and uniquely yours here at Historic Hope Glen Farm and Vineyard.

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