Tree House Honeymoon Suite

The Honeymoon Suite Treehouse is a 1200 square foot house situated in a 150 year old Burr White Oak Tree. It was designed and engineered to withstand every kind of weather and is in constant motion. It has 4 levels 4 outdoor decks, 2 fireplaces and Central Air Conditioning plus a full kitchen that has everything you would need to fix a meal and enjoy it on one of the 4 decks. Boasts of a 2 person jetted jacuzzi tub and rain shower plus it has in floor radiant heating for those cold winter nights as well as a cosy fire place in the bedroom and  living room. It has WIFI as well as a throughout house sound system to set the mood for that romantic night. It also has a 40 foot tower feature with telescope provided to enjoy a clear night on the top balcony.

TreeHouse Design Narrative
• The TreeHouse is a 4 level unit which employs the existing grades and natural openings in the branches above.
• Natural light and orientation to scenic views was our top priority.
• There are also tall windows facing the tree trunk itself to help bring the sense of being in a tree house.
• Rental unit is reached via a stairway at the front of the building.
• This unit includes a Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom facilities as well as an open loft in the front living area and a “tower feature” adjacent to the 500 acre park. Oh and a  “Secret room feature” Have fun trying to find it!

• As everyones dream the treehouse has a secret room as well.                              

• The gross useable square footage is 1200 S. F. including the “tower”.                    

• There are 4 deck areas provided directly outside of the Kitchen, Front      Entrance, Park and Tower.                                                                                                                  

• Boasts of 2 fireplaces one in the bedroom and one in the main Living area.                      

Aside from weddings which this is included in the wedding package it can be rented apart from  weddings or events on

Go here;  to book.                                          

Designed by Cary Kimmel, owner of Koinonia Design.


Honeymoon Tree House



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